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Our innate drive for improvement, paired with passion, a keen interest in research and many years of experience, ensure the excellent quality of the products we develop.

In-depth knowledge of modelling, numerical simulation and IT software development is what sets our products apart. They automate and optimise the simulation process, facilitate the connection of different simulation worlds in co-simulations and assist you in evaluating and analysing extensive and complex simulation results straightforwardly. To make our products more tangible for you as customers, we constantly focus on quality that can be experienced during the product development process. See for yourself.

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The product: Tronis®

Tronis® is an environment for virtual prototyping and validation of driver assistance systems, e.g. for highly automated or autonomous driving. Based on a modern 3D game engine, real driving situations and traffic scenarios can be efficiently mapped and used for testing, e.g. for environment detection based on cameras and radars. This can significantly accelerate the development of corresponding systems and reduce the need for actual prototypes.

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*How to find out your Mac address?
1. Press the Windows key and the letter “R” on your keyboard.
2. Type in “cmd” in the execution window
3. Type in “ipconfig /all“ in the Windows command prompt
4. Scroll down until you find “Physical address”
5. Write down the number of the “Physical address” (which is the Mac address)

The product: Veris®

Veris® is a software solution for the detailed preliminary planning of driving tests; it can be used to digitally identify routes suitable for RDE certification prior to carrying ? out the test, taking into account external influencing factors such as the driver, traffic or topology.

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The Geometric Element Transformation Method. TWT's Mathematical Research & Services department developed the Geometric Element Transformation Method (GETMe) for smoothing finite element meshes. With this method, the quality improvement is achieved exclusively by repositioning mesh nodes without changing the mesh topology, i.e. the connectivity structure of the mesh elements.



SimCenter is used to manage simulation models and automate simulation processes. Work steps previously carried out manually are automated via plug-ins or scripts. The traceable results are stored in the long-term archive.

Visualization Toolbox


The Visualization Toolbox is used to display simulation results from various data sources, such as co-simulations, in a graphical format. Complex correlations and results become intuitively interpretable through representations close to reality.



The interactive and real-time simulation of multi-body systems allows a quick and easy analysis of mechanical systems, such as vehicles of all kinds.



CoSimLab combines already existing and verified sub-models into a validated overall model. Re-modelling in a uniform simulation environment is therefore not necessary.

Simulink FMU-Interface


Simulink FMU-Interface allows any FMI-compatible FMUs to be easily and quickly integrated into Simulink. From the FMU's interface definition, a Simulink block is automatically generated, ready to be used in Simulink models as usual.


The Functional Mock-Up Trust Centre (FMTC) enables the integration of protected, FMI-compatible FMUs into co-simulations, for example in the context of systems engineering, thus protecting intellectual property. The models are encrypted prior to deployment and can only be decrypted temporarily by the FMTC for defined simulations. The FMTC allows you to make your models available to third parties without jeopardising the protection of your intellectual property or the model itself.

To operate the FMTC, a dedicated server or a dedicated sealed cloud environment is required. This prevents unnoticed access to the models temporarily decrypted for simulation, similar to the sealed and DRM-protected electronic control units provided by suppliers at the prototype stage.


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